Tool engineering


Our in-house tool shop provides a great flexibility in realizing our customers demands. Our tools are optimized for the production of your stamped, bended and mounted parts.

Stamped-/Bended parts

Variety of products

Automotive, agricultural, electronical, fire-protection, houseware, window-fittings, mining, construction or building material. The goods manufactured by us find application in various fields and branches.

Assembly parts


Quality is an inherent part of our company that is never taken for granted. We guarantee to produce premium products of outstanding quality.

Quality Assurance

Our Competences

We accomplish a lot - every day. That means we are stamping, bending, mounting, clinching, bolting and forming metal and metal parts. We arrange hardening, washing, grinding and various surface treatments of your products. We design and engineer our own tools and built them in our own tool-shop. If other peripheral devices such as feeding-technologie for assembled parts are needed, we'll develop a concept and "fine-tune" the components. The interaction and teamwork of the tool-shop and the manufacturing guarantees a smooth run of your projects and also in manufacturing.

We'll take good care of your project!