Cable Harness Bracket

This cable harness bracket is used in the automotive industry.

Bihler MC82
  • The Stamping-/Bending-machine Bihler Multicenter MC82 is the best choice for parts with a complex bending geometry. In this case the the narrow radius make the part best suitable for the production on the Bihler. The sheet-metal has the same width as the finished part so the material material usage can be kept as low as possible.


  • Material

    The material used is a stainless steel 1.4301

  • Application

    Cable-holder for the Automotive industry.

  • Surface

    The material used is a stainless-steel which usually doesn´t require an anticorrosive coating.

  • Specifics

    Due to the Bending-Geometry the part is best being produced on a Bihler machine.


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