Manufacturing on Bruderer and Bihler machines

In our production we have stamping presses made by Bruderer (BSTA 500 / BSTA 80 UL) and mechanical stamping and forming machines made by Bihler (GRM 50/ MC 82 / GRM 80P / GRM 80E). Depending on the application we can choose the best manufacturing technique for your product. Bihler-machines are a great choice for product-families, threaded parts and complete assemblies. Bruderer stamping presses are also called "high-speed-runners" - parts can be produced with a speed of more than 300 pcs. per minute.


Which concept is best for producing your part depends on various factors. We analyze the details and will implement the most efficient strategy in all technical and commercial aspects. The parts can than be stored in our high-rack warehouse to be kept safely until we send them out, packed to our customers demands.

Setting Bruderer

Know-How in all aspects

  • A Top-Team

    Our staff in the production are the experts at their machines. They all have a longtime experience and a lot of know-how. They set up the machines themselves and take measurements of the parts throughout the production process to guarantee highest quality.


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