Stamped and formed parts

Innovative processes are the base for the manufacturing of stamped and bended products made from rolled steel-sheets or wire. Our parts are used as brackets for oil-, water-, air-pipes in the automotive industry as well as brackets for hydraulic pipes for various applications. We produce clamps, flat-springs, cable harness brackets, contact plugs, mounting links, chain links or conductor brackets for industries like lighting, mining, agriculture, fire-safety and automotive. Our products are as versatile as our customer needs and are used for many different applications.

Stamped/Bended Parts
Stamping Bihler

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    For more than 45 years we've been producing stamped- formed- and bended parts. Take advantage of our know-how. We produce the parts with our own-made tools and guarantee on time deliveries of highest-quality. You can count on us in all aspects of your project.

Interesting facts about stamped and formed parts

  • Which formed and bended parts are applicable for Bruderer machines?

    Punched, formed and mounted parts with cut-outs or holes are especially applicable for Bruderer machines because the cut-outs/holes can be used for the exact positioning of the material throughout the process. Punched parts with a small feed can be produced with a high stroke rate.

    Existing cut-outs/holes and small feed

  • Which formed and bended parts are applicable for Bihler machines?

    Punched an bended parts of which the width of the finished part can be equal to the width of the raw-material are mainly produced on Bihler machines. The precise form feed of the machines makes a production of the parts without cut-outs for positioning possible. The course of motion is programmable, therefore a tool for a Bihler machine requires less manufacturing steps.

    Material-width equal to width of the part


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