Stamped and formed parts

Innovative processes are the base for the manufacturing of stamped and bended products made from rolled steel-sheets or wire. Our parts are used as brackets for oil-, water-, air-pipes in the automotive industry as well as brackets for hydraulic pipes for various applications. We produce clamps, flat-springs, cable harness brackets, contact plugs, mounting links, chain links or conductor brackets for industries like lighting, mining, agriculture, fire-safety and automotive. Our products are as versatile as our customer needs and are used for many different applications.

Stamped/Bended Parts
Stamping Bihler

High Expertise

  • Based on longtime experience

    For more than 45 years we've been producing stamped- formed- and bended parts. Take advantage of our know-how. We produce the parts with our own-made tools and guarantee on time deliveries of highest-quality. You can count on us in all aspects of your project.


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