Sheet metal spring

Based on the resilient charachteristics of the raw material the part is used as a mounting-clip for the automotive-industry. It´s been produced on a Bihler MV82 machine.

Bihler Machine
  • The 30t Bihler eccentric press is the best choice for parts with a very complex geometry. The thread can be formed on the Bihler machine with a unit that can be added.


  • Material

    The material used is a C67S LC which is austempered after the production process.

  • Application

    Mounting-clip for the automotive industry.

  • Surface

    The coating on the part is Microcor 400, which is a anticorrosive coating.

  • Specifics

    The part has a stamped thread for a tapping screw.

    The "austempering" process can cause a distortion in the material, this has to be considered when engineering the part.


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