Inhouse Tool-Shop

We design and manufacture all our tools inhouse. That gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to our customers needs like design changes, maintenance or modifications. We know what counts for the manufacturing-process. Our tools are perfectly designed an built to meet the production needs of your stamped, bended or assembled parts. This "fine-tuning" is essential for a smooth process. Especially when it comes to automatic assembly of screws, bolts or other parts with the necessary feeding technology it´s the advantage you need to be competitive.

Tool Shop

With the CAD Siemens NX for design, a 5-axis machining-center C42UP from Hermle, erosion-machines from Mitsubishi and other "state-of-the-art" equipment we do have the right instruments for manufacturing high-precision tools. We exploit synergies, similar parts or product-families can be manufactured with "Combination-Tools", another great competitive advantage.


Modern Tool-Warehouse

  • We call it our "Treasure-Room"

    We ensure the safe-keeping of your tools. They are stored in our fire-resistant high-rack warehouse, "ready for use" anytime.


Can we help you?

You have questions about our tool-shop? Contact us, we are happy to help.

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