Various versions/shapes/sizes of the coupling-clamps are manufactured with one base tool. We produce 111 different versions.

Bihler GRM80 P
  • The Bihler is equipped with two eccentric presses (30/40t) and is the best choice for the production of a product-family like this. Various settings on the NC-axis make it possible to produce multiple versions of this clamp with just one base-tool.


  • Material

    The clamps are made from spring-steel. Depending on the version it´s either stainless steel 1.4310 or steel SM(B) which will be coated in a following process.

  • Application

    The clamps are used in the mining industry.

  • Surface

    The clamps made from stainless steel don´t need any further protection. The clamps made from SM(B) are galvanized and yellow-chromated after being manufactured.

  • Specifics

    The clamps are being made in many different versions and sizes from steel and stainless steel. The ends of the wire are formed in the tool.


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