This part is automatically assembled in one progress on a Bihler MC82 machine. The metal part is produced on the machine and than the plastic part is mounted to it in one process.

Stamping Bihler
  • For the assembly of the plastic part the Bihler GRM50 is the right choice. We have the necessary feeding system and it will be perfectly tuned with the machine and the tooling to produce outstanding quality.


  • Material

    The stamping part is made from stainless-spring-steel 1.4310 and the plastic parts is assembled in the machine.

  • Application

    The part is used for air-bag systems - Automotive.

  • Surface

    The material used is stainless steel, which usually doesn´t require any special surface protection.

  • Specifics

    This assembly ist manufactured in one process. The flat-sping is stamped/bended and mounted with the plastic part in one production process.


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