Mounting part

This assembly is part of our "one-process" mounting parts. The rivet is applied by a feeding system and grouted with the stamping part in the tool.

Stamping Bruderer
  • This assembly is produced on our Bruderer BSTA 80. We have an automatic feeding system for this machine in which the rivet will be applied and grouted by a U-shaped fixing.


  • Material

    This stamped/bended/mounted part is manufactured from a pre-galvanized steel HX260LAD+Z100.

  • Application

    The mounted part is used for airbag-systems in the automotive industry.

  • Surface

    The material is pre-galvanized. Please note that due to the production process the surface is taken off the cutting-edges.

  • Specifics

    This assembly ist manufactured in one process. The rivet is applied by a feeding system to the pre-bended part an than grouted U-shaped in the tool. The grouting of the rivet makes a grinding process possible without loosing the rivet.

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